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DOA: Dead or Alive
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They're the ultimate fighters. They've got the looks. They've got the moves, and the men fall at their feet.


Four beautiful rivals at an invitation-only martial-arts tournament join forces against a sinister threat. Princess Kasumi (Devon Aoki) is an aristocratic warrior trained by martial-arts masters. Tina Armstrong (Jaime Pressly) is a wrestling superstar. Helena Douglas (Sarah Carter) is an athlete with a tragic past. Christie Allen (Holly Valance) earns her keep as a thief and an assassin-for-hire.

DOA: Dead or Alive Film Complet en Francais

DOA: Dead or Alive DOA: Dead or Alive 4.9 / 10 by 93 users
 Title : DOA: Dead or Alive
 Original Title : DOA: Dead or Alive
 Director : Corey Yuen Kwai
 Writer :
 Sound & Music : Junkie XL
 Release Date : 2006-09-07
 Runtime : 87 Minutes
 Genre : Adventure, Action, Thriller
 Production Company : Impact Pictures, Constantin Film Produktion, Mindfire Entertainment, Team Ninja, VIP 4 Medienfonds, Tecmo
 Popularity : 1.144808
 Plot Keyword : competition, videogame, martial arts, kung fu, assassin, fight, island, karate, nerd, wrestling, bikini, ninjas, tournament, explosion, violence, swimsuit
 Homepage :
 Alternative Titles :
  • Dead Or Alive
  • D.O.A. - Dead or Alive
  • Doa - Vivo ou Morto
  • DOA - Dead or Alive
  • DOA Dead or Alive
  • D.O.A.: Mort ou vif


Image characters of Tina Armstrong

Characters : Tina Armstrong

Actor : Jaime Pressly

Image characters of Kasumi

Characters : Kasumi

Actor : Devon Aoki

Image characters of Christie Allen

Characters : Christie Allen

Actor : Holly Valance

Image characters of Helena Douglas

Characters : Helena Douglas

Actor : Sarah Carter

Image characters of Ayane

Characters : Ayane

Actor : Natassia Malthe

Image characters of Ryu Hayabusa

Characters : Ryu Hayabusa

Actor : Kane Kosugi

Image characters of Donovan

Characters : Donovan

Actor : Eric Roberts

Image characters of Weatherby

Characters : Weatherby

Actor : Steve Howey

Image characters of Zack

Characters : Zack

Actor : Brian J. White

Image characters of Max

Characters : Max

Actor : Matthew Marsden

Image characters of Bass Armstrong

Characters : Bass Armstrong

Actor : Kevin Nash

Image characters of Hayate

Characters : Hayate

Actor : Collin Chou

Image characters of Bayman

Characters : Bayman

Actor : Derek Boyer

Image characters of Leon

Characters : Leon

Actor : Silvio Simac

Image characters of Gen Fu

Characters : Gen Fu

Actor : Fang Liu

Image characters of Pirate Leader

Characters : Pirate Leader

Actor : Robin Shou

Image characters of Nurse Jones

Characters : Nurse Jones

Actor : Anna Bolt

Image characters of Butler

Characters : Butler

Actor : Martin Crewes


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