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The Matrix Revolutions
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Everything that has a beginning has an end.


The human city of Zion defends itself against the massive invasion of the machines as Neo fights to end the war at another front while also opposing the rogue Agent Smith.

The Matrix Revolutions Film Complet en Francais

The Matrix Revolutions The Matrix Revolutions 6.4 / 10 by 1820 users
 Title : The Matrix Revolutions
 Original Title : The Matrix Revolutions
 Director : Lilly Wachowski, Lana Wachowski
 Writer :
 Sound & Music :
 Release Date : 2003-05-23
 Runtime : 129 Minutes
 Genre : Adventure, Action, Thriller, Science Fiction
 Production Company : Village Roadshow Pictures, NPV Entertainment, Silver Pictures, Warner Bros.
 Popularity : 3.652677
 Plot Keyword : saving the world, artificial intelligence, man versus machine, flying, philosophy, fortuneteller, martial arts, kung fu, underground world, killer robot, temple, subway, dream, sun, hero, fight, sunlight, computer virus, key, future, precognition, super computer, machine town, ying yang, dying and death, virtual reality, dystopia, computer, faith, world religion, truth, rescue, mission, woman director, yin yang, gnosticism
 Alternative Titles :
  • Matrix Revolutions
  • The Matrix 3 - Revolutions
  • Матрица: Революция
  • The Matrix 3: Revolutions
  • La Matrice révolutions
  • The Matrix 3
  • Matrix Revoluciones
  • Matrix Rewolucje
  • Matrix 3 - Rewolucje
  • Matrix 3
  • 駭客任務完結篇:最後戰役
  • Matrix 3: Matrix Revolutions
  • The matrix. Revolutions
  • Matrix III - Revolutions
  • Матрица Революция
  • Matrix 3 - Revolutions
  • Matrix revolutions
  • Matrix 3 Revolutions
  • Matrix 3 Revolutions
  • 매트릭스 3 - 레볼루션
  • Matrix Revolutions
  • Matrix Revolutions, The
  • The Matrix Revolutions
  • マトリックス レボリューションズ
  • ماتریکس 3
  • انقلاب‌های ماتریکس


Image characters of Neo

Characters : Neo

Actor : Keanu Reeves

Image characters of Morpheus

Characters : Morpheus

Actor : Laurence Fishburne

Image characters of Trinity

Characters : Trinity

Actor : Carrie-Anne Moss

Image characters of Agent Smith

Characters : Agent Smith

Actor : Hugo Weaving

Image characters of Oracle

Characters : Oracle

Actor : Mary Alice

Image characters of The Architect

Characters : The Architect

Actor : Helmut Bakaitis

Image characters of The Merovingian

Characters : The Merovingian

Actor : Lambert Wilson

Image characters of Captain Ballard

Characters : Captain Ballard

Actor : Roy Jones Jr.

Image characters of The Keymaker

Characters : The Keymaker

Actor : Randall Duk Kim

Image characters of Commander Lock

Characters : Commander Lock

Actor : Harry Lennix

Image characters of Agent Thompson

Characters : Agent Thompson

Actor : Matt McColm

Image characters of Link

Characters : Link

Actor : Harold Perrineau

Image characters of Niobe

Characters : Niobe

Actor : Jada Pinkett Smith

Image characters of Cas

Characters : Cas

Actor : Gina Torres

Image characters of Seraph

Characters : Seraph

Actor : Collin Chou

Image characters of Councillor West

Characters : Councillor West

Actor : Cornel West

Image characters of Zee

Characters : Zee

Actor : Nona Gaye

Image characters of Persephone

Characters : Persephone

Actor : Monica Bellucci

Image characters of Tower Soldier

Characters : Tower Soldier

Actor : Maurice Morgan

Image characters of Rama-Kandra

Characters : Rama-Kandra

Actor : Bernard White



And so the much-hyped Year Of The Matrix comes to an end. Truthfully, though, the real Year Of The Matrix was 1999, when the groundbreaking original proved to be the right film in the right place at the right time. Tapping into the cultural zeitgeist and Y2K fears about the power of machines over mankind, The Matrix not only revitalized slo-mo action sequences with its 'bullet-time' style, it had a political relevance that already seems dated in a 21st century world dominated by a war against terror, not technology.

The Matrix Reloaded, for all its faults, did try to up the ante, both in its creation of a wider Matrix myth and its budget-heavy effects. Revolutions, however, is content to follow in its wake, the final couple of hours of a four-and-a-half hour slab to which the original movie, in the makers' minds, is but a pre-title sequence. Granted, there's less philosophical babble and more emphasis on action in Revolutions, but the Wachowskis, having backed themselves into pseud's corner, can only deliver with a formula where spectacle and pretentiousness follow on from each other in steady succession. Gut thrills and intellectual stimulation are never integrated as one.

Revolutions' sustained action set-piece - the Sentinels' attack on Zion - is undeniably exciting, but it sure doesn't feel like an episode from a close sequel to the original Matrix. For a start, Zion was off-screen for the entire first movie. Secondly - and dramatically more importantly - this centerpiece relegates the main characters to, at best, mere bystanders. Neo and Trinity are off on a mission of their own. Morpheus - now dressed in what looks like a burgundy Benetton jumper rather an outfit consistent with his standing as the coolest dude on (or under) the planet - takes a literal backseat to Niobe's driving. Instead, the key players are the Kid, whose backstory is apparent only to those dedicated enough to watch The Animatrix cartoons, and Mifune, whose on-screen impact is unfortunately as brief as it is memorable.

That such a primary scene is completely filled with secondary characters isn't just disappointing - it's damaging, because it draws attention away from the protagonists' climactic acts. Basically, this is the bit you remember, more than Neo's vital conversation with the Wizard Of Oz-like face of the machines or his up-in-the-air fisticuffs with Smith (a fight whose sfx impact has dwindled following Reloaded's Burly Brawl).

Some viewers will indeed be completely satisfied, their questions answered, as the final credits roll, but they're the ones who have done their homework. Without filling in plot gaps by watching The Animatrix or playing derided computer game Enter The Matrix, a sense of confusion reigns. And those who are confused can't emotionally engage with the characters, thus rendering any amount of sacrifices and love themes null and void. In the original film, the casual viewer could relate to a slave race of pod people and their need to be freed, but the Wachowskis seem to have moved the goalposts as the story has progressed, sidelining what began as a focal point of the plot.

In other words, few box-office-storming blockbusters have been aimed so consciously at such a narrow and precise cult audience. The Year Of The Matrix will be remembered as an indulgence for fans, while the original movie will be affectionately held as a separate entity by a bigger crowd.

Verdict - What once represented the future of science fiction cinema has become little more than a solid genre offering. But, hey, it wasn't supposed to be the Second Coming, was it? Oh, hang on...


- Empire Magazine

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