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Southland Tales
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Set in the futuristic landscape of Los Angeles on July 4, 2008, as it stands on the brink of social, economic and environmental disaster. Boxer Santaros is an action star who's stricken with amnesia. His life intertwines with Krysta Now, an adult film star developing her own reality television project, and Ronald Taverner, a Hermosa Beach police officer who holds the key to a vast conspiracy.

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Southland Tales Southland Tales 5.1 / 10 by 64 users
 Title : Southland Tales
 Original Title : Southland Tales
 Director : Richard Kelly
 Writer :
 Sound & Music :
 Release Date : 2006-05-15
 Runtime : 160 Minutes
 Genre : Action, Adventure, Comedy, Drama, Science Fiction, Thriller
 Production Company : Universal Pictures, Persistent Entertainment, Wild Bunch
 Popularity : 1.668231
 Plot Keyword : suicide, brother brother relationship, spy, prophecy, middle east, sex, screenwriter, terrorist, beach, wife husband relationship, nevada, gun, amnesia, allegory, ambulance, mass murder, surfboard, fight, blackmail, riot, rain, evacuation, boxer, film director, future, afghanistan, product placement, time travel, song, plastic surgery, chaos, undercover agent, violin, champagne, boardwalk, marxism, politics, politician, computer, smuggling, shooting, twin brother, murder, surrealism, balloon, kidnapping, interracial relationship, anti conformity, end of the world, singer, reality show, conspiracy, metaphysics, arcade, video camera, performance artist, telephone call, memory, disappearance, prologue, american flag, search, extortion, drug use, apocalypse, african american, los angeles, terrorism, tattoo, two word title, soldier, pregnancy, explosion, economics, church, paradox, violence, porn star, police officer, dog, father daughter relationship, voice over narration, corrupt cop, surveillance, policeman, drink, montage, split screen, death, cult film, tied up, doomsday, near future, mirror, reading, musical number, book store, alternate reality, split personality, big corporation, mother son relationship, no opening credits, north korea, tv news, film within a film, doppelganger, standoff, racist cop, handgun, bride and groom, government corruption, southern california, alternate timeline, roadster, karma, animated scene, world war 3, mysterious past, absurdism, environmental issues, fourth dimension, draft notice, santa monica california, fictional talk show
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 Alternative Titles :
  • Las horas perdidas


Image characters of Boxer Santaros

Characters : Boxer Santaros

Actor : Dwayne Johnson

Image characters of Roland Taverner

Characters : Roland Taverner

Actor : Seann William Scott

Image characters of Krysta Now

Characters : Krysta Now

Actor : Sarah Michelle Gellar

Image characters of Madeline Frost-Santaros

Characters : Madeline Frost-Santaros

Actor : Mandy Moore

Image characters of Fortunio Balducci

Characters : Fortunio Balducci

Actor : Will Sasso

Image characters of Bart Bookman

Characters : Bart Bookman

Actor : Jon Lovitz

Image characters of Dr. Inga Von Westphalen

Characters : Dr. Inga Von Westphalen

Actor : Beth Grant

Image characters of Shoshana Kapowski

Characters : Shoshana Kapowski

Actor : Jill Ritchie

Image characters of Private Pilot Abilene

Characters : Private Pilot Abilene

Actor : Justin Timberlake

Image characters of Serpentine

Characters : Serpentine

Actor : Bai Ling

Image characters of Teri Riley

Characters : Teri Riley

Actor : Lisa K. Wyatt

Image characters of Dr. Soberin Exx

Characters : Dr. Soberin Exx

Actor : Curtis Armstrong

Image characters of Bing Zinneman

Characters : Bing Zinneman

Actor : Todd Berger

Image characters of Vanessa Vera Cruz

Characters : Vanessa Vera Cruz

Actor : Rebekah Del Rio

Image characters of Cyndi Pinziki

Characters : Cyndi Pinziki

Actor : Nora Dunn

Image characters of Walter Mung

Characters : Walter Mung

Actor : Christopher Lambert

Image characters of Vaughn Smallhouse

Characters : Vaughn Smallhouse

Actor : John Larroquette

Image characters of General Teena MacArthur

Characters : General Teena MacArthur

Actor : Janeane Garofalo

Image characters of Sheena Gee

Characters : Sheena Gee

Actor : Abbey DiGregorio

Image characters of Zora Charmichaels

Characters : Zora Charmichaels

Actor : Cheri Oteri

Image characters of Veronica Mung / Dream

Characters : Veronica Mung / Dream

Actor : Amy Poehler

Image characters of Nana Mae Frost

Characters : Nana Mae Frost

Actor : Miranda Richardson

Image characters of Baron Von Westphalen

Characters : Baron Von Westphalen

Actor : Wallace Shawn

Image characters of Hideo Takehashi

Characters : Hideo Takehashi

Actor : Sab Shimono

Image characters of Simon Theory

Characters : Simon Theory

Actor : Kevin Smith


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