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Jack is a young boy of 5 years old who has lived all his life in one room. He believes everything within it are the only real things in the world. But what will happen when his Ma suddenly tells him that there are other things outside of Room?

Room Film Complet en Francais

Room Room 8.2 / 10 by 496 users
 Title : Room
 Original Title : Room
 Director : Lenny Abrahamson
 Writer :
 Sound & Music :
 Release Date : 2015-10-16
 Runtime : 117 Minutes
 Genre : Drama
 Production Company : Element Pictures, No Trace Camping, A24, Duperele Films
 Popularity : 12.551557
 Plot Keyword : based on novel, carpet, isolation, imprisonment, grandparents, kidnapping, escape, hospital, dog, captive, mother son relationship, pickup truck, lego, abduction, shed, skylight
 Alternative Titles :
  • O Quarto de Jack
  • 不存在的房間


Image characters of Ma

Characters : Ma

Actor : Brie Larson

Image characters of Jack

Characters : Jack

Actor : Jacob Tremblay

Image characters of Grandma

Characters : Grandma

Actor : Joan Allen

Image characters of Old Nick

Characters : Old Nick

Actor : Sean Bridgers

Image characters of Grandpa

Characters : Grandpa

Actor : William H. Macy

Image characters of Laura

Characters : Laura

Actor : Megan Park

Image characters of Officer Parker

Characters : Officer Parker

Actor : Amanda Brugel

Image characters of Neighbor

Characters : Neighbor

Actor : Kate Drummond

Image characters of Clerk

Characters : Clerk

Actor : Chantelle Chung

Image characters of Lawyer

Characters : Lawyer

Actor : Randal Edwards

Image characters of Neighborhood Boy

Characters : Neighborhood Boy

Actor : Jack Fulton

Image characters of Talk Show Host

Characters : Talk Show Host

Actor : Wendy Crewson

Image characters of Dr. Mittal

Characters : Dr. Mittal

Actor : Cas Anvar

Image characters of Officer Grabowski

Characters : Officer Grabowski

Actor : Joe Pingue

Image characters of FBI Agent

Characters : FBI Agent

Actor : Justin Mader

Image characters of Leo

Characters : Leo

Actor : Tom McCamus

Image characters of Attending Doctor

Characters : Attending Doctor

Actor : Zarrin Darnell-Martin

Image characters of Reporter #3

Characters : Reporter #3

Actor : Rory O'Shea

Image characters of News Anchor

Characters : News Anchor

Actor : Jee-Yun Lee

Image characters of Reporter #2

Characters : Reporter #2

Actor : Rodrigo Fernandez- Stoll

Image characters of Doug

Characters : Doug

Actor : Matt Gordon

Image characters of Reporter #1

Characters : Reporter #1

Actor : Ola Sturik

Image characters of Tv Crewman

Characters : Tv Crewman

Actor : Brad Wietersen

Image characters of Veteran

Characters : Veteran

Actor : Sandy McMaster


Review By: RENO

> Discovering a whole new world beyond the 4 walls.

We all know the German folk tale 'Rupanzel', and this is a similar kind with entirely different motive. All the above it is not a fairy tale set in the medieval period, but inspired by many real events of the present era. A couple of years ago I saw a German movie called '3096 Days' based on the true story. When I heard of this movie is being made, at first obviously I remembered that title, but after seeing the poster alone convinced me not the same. Automatically the expectations rose, and now it's got the 4 Oscars nominees, including the best motion picture.

The both halves of the movie were entirely different from each other like the two sets of story, but the core of the theme remains same. The first half was a crucial part that takes place completely in a single room with a minimal cast. It does not go through the intro, just begins to tell the story like it's already happening and you might take a few minutes to realise the state of condition. The next half is a reaction to what happened in the previous. And again this is also an important storytelling section because like the title, it was not all about the room, but beyond that 4 walls and its roof and floor like how it affected the mother and son.

> "If you don't mind, it doesn't matter."

The movie does not talk about the crime feature at all. Not even considered to reveal behind the motive. So the other side mystery remains as it is. The whole narration was one sided, everything was seen through the eyes of a five year old boy. He begins with the line 'Once upon a time...' like a fairy tale, because it is to him and with his cute little performance along with Brie Larson's, the movie briefs their struggle for freedom.

It was a too casual opening, like nothing bad is really happening, just they're weird people or maybe agoraphobia, except they're not. You know when we say we love to be kids again to escape this complicated adult life, sometimes we won't mean it except it was a normal reaction to the situation we're in. But what if a five year old boy wants to be four again when her mother thinks its time to him know what the real world looks like. Yeah, that's a too much to take in for a young boy, but that's the best chance they had to break free from the psycho who put her mother in that room.

> "When I was small, I only knew small things.

> But now I'm five, I know everything."

It was a tidy place, but the camera angles were impressive. I know it was shot in a studio with a wide open space behind the camera, but that does not the viewpoint in the actual story. When the first half ends, it is an indication of the good parts are over, at least that's what I thought of, but what came after was the unexpected expansion in narration. Usually most of the similar tales end in that part itself like for example 'Prisoners' and the rest is understandable stuff that won't be shown.

When a tale had a ending like 'happily ever after', still some people desire for it to continue a few more minutes to know how happy really they are and that's what this film's second half. Remember, most of the similar themes have multiple perspectives, like how victim's family is coping with, cops are pursuing the suspect, abductor's plans and motive, and captives struggle. Like I said it was all about what a mother and her son goes through those years in captivity and after that.

There were some suspicious characters and events like I had a bad feeling over the doctor's soft talking, also the mother-son's master plan when in captive. Those are tiny diversions to viewers assume differently against where the story is heading. It is all about the mother and son's mental trauma, especially for the little boy similar to when Tarzan is in a big town for the first time leaving behind his other life. It was a perfect pace as well, neither hurried nor a slow development. The movie was a big break for many, especially for the Irish director, and Brie Larson and of course for the kid. Definitely one of the finest movie of 2015 and a must watch.


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