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Some people change your life forever.


In 1950s New York, a department-store clerk who dreams of a better life falls for an older, married woman.

Carol Film Complet en Francais

Carol Carol 7.1 / 10 by 306 users
 Title : Carol
 Original Title : Carol
 Director : Todd Haynes
 Writer :
 Sound & Music :
 Release Date : 2015-11-20
 Runtime : 118 Minutes
 Genre : Romance, Drama
 Production Company : Killer Films, Film4, Number 9 Films
 Popularity : 4.294142
 Plot Keyword : gay, new york, female nudity, chicago, sex, hotel, new year's eve, age difference, nudity, lesbian kiss, photography, road trip, lesbian couple, mother daughter relationship, lesbian, divorce, lesbian sex, department store, lgbt, mother child relationship, child custody, older woman younger woman relationship, christmas, 1950s
 Homepage : 
 Alternative Titles :
  • The Price of Salt


Image characters of Carol Aird

Characters : Carol Aird

Actor : Cate Blanchett

Image characters of Therese Belivet

Characters : Therese Belivet

Actor : Rooney Mara

Image characters of Harge Aird

Characters : Harge Aird

Actor : Kyle Chandler

Image characters of Abby Gerhard

Characters : Abby Gerhard

Actor : Sarah Paulson

Image characters of Richard Semco

Characters : Richard Semco

Actor : Jake Lacy

Image characters of Dannie McElroy

Characters : Dannie McElroy

Actor : John Magaro

Image characters of Tommy Tucker

Characters : Tommy Tucker

Actor : Cory Michael Smith

Image characters of Genevieve Cantrell

Characters : Genevieve Cantrell

Actor : Carrie Brownstein

Image characters of Fred Haymes

Characters : Fred Haymes

Actor : Kevin Crowley

Image characters of Phil McElroy

Characters : Phil McElroy

Actor : Nik Pajic

Image characters of Jack Taft

Characters : Jack Taft

Actor : Trent Rowland

Image characters of Rindy Aird

Characters : Rindy Aird

Actor : Sadie Heim

Image characters of Rindy Aird

Characters : Rindy Aird

Actor : Kk Heim

Image characters of Jennifer Aird

Characters : Jennifer Aird

Actor : Amy Warner

Image characters of John Aird

Characters : John Aird

Actor : Michael Haney

Image characters of Jeanette Harrison

Characters : Jeanette Harrison

Actor : Wendy Lardin

Image characters of Roberta Walls

Characters : Roberta Walls

Actor : Pamela Evans Haynes

Image characters of Jerry Rix

Characters : Jerry Rix

Actor : Greg Violand

Image characters of Shipping Clerk

Characters : Shipping Clerk

Actor : Michael Ward

Image characters of McKinley Motel Manager

Characters : McKinley Motel Manager

Actor : Kay Geiger

Image characters of Landlady

Characters : Landlady

Actor : Christine Dye

Image characters of Motel Clerk

Characters : Motel Clerk

Actor : Deb G. Girdler

Image characters of Male Party Guest

Characters : Male Party Guest

Actor : Douglas Scott Sorenson

Image characters of Ritz Bartender

Characters : Ritz Bartender

Actor : Ken Strunk

Image characters of Frankenberg Security Guard

Characters : Frankenberg Security Guard

Actor : Mike Dennis

Image characters of Florence

Characters : Florence

Actor : Ann Reskin

Image characters of Embarassed Mom

Characters : Embarassed Mom

Actor : Annie Kalahurka

Image characters of Drake Hostess

Characters : Drake Hostess

Actor : Linnea Bond

Image characters of New York Times Clerk

Characters : New York Times Clerk

Actor : Steven Andrews

Image characters of Fred Haymes's Secretary

Characters : Fred Haymes's Secretary

Actor : Tanya Smith

Image characters of NYC Waiter

Characters : NYC Waiter

Actor : Ryan Wesley Gilreath

Image characters of Oak Room Waiter

Characters : Oak Room Waiter

Actor : Chuck Gillespie

Image characters of Dorothy

Characters : Dorothy

Actor : Jeremy Parker

Image characters of Party Girl #1

Characters : Party Girl #1

Actor : Giedre Bond

Image characters of Party Girl #2

Characters : Party Girl #2

Actor : Taylor Frey

Image characters of Frankenberg Employee

Characters : Frankenberg Employee

Actor : Liberty Fraysure

Image characters of Oak Room Patron / Pedestrian (uncredited)

Characters : Oak Room Patron / Pedestrian (uncredited)

Actor : Robert J. Ashe

Image characters of Oak Room Patron (uncredited)

Characters : Oak Room Patron (uncredited)

Actor : Anita Farmer Bergman

Image characters of Ted Grey (uncredited)

Characters : Ted Grey (uncredited)

Actor : Colin Botts

Image characters of Business Man on Train (uncredited)

Characters : Business Man on Train (uncredited)

Actor : James Brown

Image characters of McKinley Motel Patron's Daughter (uncredited)

Characters : McKinley Motel Patron's Daughter (uncredited)

Actor : Chelsea Carnder

Image characters of Restaurant / Pedestrian (uncredited)

Characters : Restaurant / Pedestrian (uncredited)

Actor : Gary Chinn

Image characters of Frankenberg High End Shopper (uncredited)

Characters : Frankenberg High End Shopper (uncredited)

Actor : William Cross

Image characters of News Stand Operator / Recuring Pedestrian (uncredited)

Characters : News Stand Operator / Recuring Pedestrian (uncredited)

Actor : Richard Doone


Review By: RENO

> Just when it can't get any better...

The first thing I noticed was after seeing the movie is there's some kind of mistake in the Oscars nominee. Rooney Mara should have been on the lead role list, while Cate Blanchett in the supporting character's. Maybe the Academy people misunderstood that the title role must be the lead character. Theirs switched place actually does not make any sense. Anyway the Oscars never made sense at all.

This story was okay, but adapted screenplay and direction, especially the music was excellent. For the ending scene alone, you will be tempted to raise your rating than what you initially thought it deserves. I was not expecting the movie to be awesome, so I'm not upset for the overall movie.

Believe me, the last thing I want in this movie is to see Cate Blanchett in naked. Maybe out of respect or her age or she's not attracted to me, there are plenty of reasons that I can't figure it out which one, but after knowing what this theme is, I was only praying for that not to happen. And obviously that is unavoidable, otherwise the movie will lose its soul and strength.

Well, it was better than I thought, both the actresses were good, but Rooney Mara dominated. Whatever category she's in for the Oscars, I'll be happy if she wins. It is not a must watch, but a decent movie and betters in some parts.


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