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The City Shines Brightest at Night


A driven young man (Gyllenhaal) stumbles upon the underground world of L.A. freelance crime journalism. When Lou Bloom, desperate for work, muscles into the world of L.A. crime journalism, he blurs the line between observer and participant to become the star of his own story. Aiding him in his effort is Nina, a TV-news veteran.

Nightcrawler Film Complet en Francais

Nightcrawler Nightcrawler 7.6 / 10 by 1669 users
 Title : Nightcrawler
 Original Title : Nightcrawler
 Director : Dan Gilroy
 Writer : Dan Gilroy
 Sound & Music :
 Release Date : 2014-10-23
 Runtime : 117 Minutes
 Genre : Crime, Drama, Thriller
 Production Company : Bold Films, Open Road Films
 Popularity : 6.711873
 Plot Keyword : journalism, underground, tv station, sociopath, home invasion, car chase, tv news, employer employee relationship, scrap metal, ethics, stringer
 Alternative Titles :
  • Gece Vurgunu
  • Nightcrawler - Repórter na Noite
  • Primicia Mortal
  • 獨家腥聞
  • ナイトクローラー
  • Νυχτερινός Ανταποκριτής
  • O Abutre
  • Gece Qurdu
  • Лешояда
  • Le rôdeur
  • Slídil
  • Kha'yat ha'laila


Image characters of Louis Bloom

Characters : Louis Bloom

Actor : Jake Gyllenhaal

Image characters of Joe Loder

Characters : Joe Loder

Actor : Bill Paxton

Image characters of Nina Romina

Characters : Nina Romina

Actor : Rene Russo

Image characters of Frank Kruse

Characters : Frank Kruse

Actor : Kevin Rahm

Image characters of Rick

Characters : Rick

Actor : Riz Ahmed

Image characters of Jackie

Characters : Jackie

Actor : Kathleen York

Image characters of Linda

Characters : Linda

Actor : Ann Cusack

Image characters of Jenny

Characters : Jenny

Actor : Carolyn Gilroy

Image characters of Detective Frontieri

Characters : Detective Frontieri

Actor : Michael Hyatt

Image characters of Detective Lieberman

Characters : Detective Lieberman

Actor : Price Carson

Image characters of Security Guard

Characters : Security Guard

Actor : Michael Papajohn

Image characters of Kent Shocknek

Characters : Kent Shocknek

Actor : Kent Shocknek

Image characters of Scrapyard Owner

Characters : Scrapyard Owner

Actor : Marco Rodríguez

Image characters of Marcus Mayhem Video

Characters : Marcus Mayhem Video

Actor : James Huang

Image characters of Sharon Tay

Characters : Sharon Tay

Actor : Sharon Tay

Image characters of Rick Garcia

Characters : Rick Garcia

Actor : Rick Garcia

Image characters of Bill Seward

Characters : Bill Seward

Actor : Bill Seward

Image characters of KWLA Anchor Ben Waterman

Characters : KWLA Anchor Ben Waterman

Actor : Rick Chambers

Image characters of Pawn Shop Owner

Characters : Pawn Shop Owner

Actor : Jonny Coyne

Image characters of Cop #2

Characters : Cop #2

Actor : Kevin Dunigan

Image characters of Ace Video Cameraman

Characters : Ace Video Cameraman

Actor : Eric Lange

Image characters of Editor

Characters : Editor

Actor : Kiff VandenHeuvel

Image characters of Barred Door Woman

Characters : Barred Door Woman

Actor : Christina De Leon

Image characters of Female Neighbor

Characters : Female Neighbor

Actor : Myra Turley

Image characters of Freaked Motorist

Characters : Freaked Motorist

Actor : Jamie McShane

Image characters of Cop (uncredited)

Characters : Cop (uncredited)

Actor : Artur Benson

Image characters of Control Room Switcher (uncredited)

Characters : Control Room Switcher (uncredited)

Actor : Bill Blair

Image characters of Firefighter (uncredited)

Characters : Firefighter (uncredited)

Actor : Tyler Cole

Image characters of Firefighter (uncredited)

Characters : Firefighter (uncredited)

Actor : Jason Heymann

Image characters of Scratchface (uncredited)

Characters : Scratchface (uncredited)

Actor : Chad Guerrero

Image characters of KWLA Employee (uncredited)

Characters : KWLA Employee (uncredited)

Actor : David Dustin Kenyon

Image characters of EMT-Paramedic (speaking) (uncredited)

Characters : EMT-Paramedic (speaking) (uncredited)

Actor : Jeffrey James Lippold

Image characters of Cabanita Patron (uncredited)

Characters : Cabanita Patron (uncredited)

Actor : Gus Lynch

Image characters of LA Weather Girl (uncredited)

Characters : LA Weather Girl (uncredited)

Actor : Anne McDaniels


Review By: VINCENT

**Survival of the Batsh!t Craziest**

Here we have a sociopath for the digital age. A _Taxi Driver_ for the early 21st Century. Louis Bloom might have been born yesterday, just before taking an online course in Small Business Management, the new way to self-educate, without the petty annoyances of human contact and interaction. Every basic lesson he absorbed is put to the test with the obsessive solitary singular purpose of succeeding. Jake Gyllenhaal immerses himself in the role with psychotic stupor. He speaks with the same forward-plotting conviction whether tossing about obvious clichés or revealing something brilliant. The perfect entrepreneur. A maniacal detached idiot savant on a ruthless predatory mission. Morality and the legal system are minor roadblocks to dodge, riddles to resolve, sentiments to overcome. His brand of narcissistic psychosis is a genetic mutation that insures the survival of the species. Like an Aryan bulldozer, he cripples and kills the weak, exploiting the flaws in humanity, cannibalizing the limits of civilization, and capitalizing on each opportunity every step of the way, all for his own personal gain. All while intuiting which backs to scratch and/or stab and when. The perfect entrepreneur. The quintessential post-9/11 movie hero. Where Travis Bickle sought to take down corruption to rescue the innocent, Louis Bloom does the opposite, preying on the fallen and severing the social codes and mores that bind us for his own solitary success. American Exceptionalism. Nightcrawler is nanoeconomics in its purest, most wicked and vicious form. I'm sure some may see it not so much as a comment on what ails us but as an inspiration to venture out from, and Bloom as a persistent determined role model to imitate. How-to-Succeed-in Business-Without-Feeling. Humanity is merely a construct that can be subjugated, an apparatus to dismantle, a child's toy for the child that wants it all.

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