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The Proposition
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This land will be civilized.


Set in the Australian outback in the 1880s, the movie follows the series of events following the horrific rape and murder of the Hopkins family, allegedly committed by the infamous Burns brothers gang. Captain Morris Stanley captures Charlie Burns and gives him 9 days to kill his older dangerous psychopathic brother, or else they'll hang his younger mentally slow brother on Christmas Day.

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The Proposition The Proposition 7 / 10 by 81 users
 Title : The Proposition
 Original Title : The Proposition
 Director : John Hillcoat
 Writer :
 Sound & Music : Nick Cave, Warren Ellis
 Release Date : 2005-10-06
 Runtime : 104 Minutes
 Genre : Action, Adventure, Crime, Drama, Thriller, Western
 Production Company : Autonomous, UK Film Council, Surefire Film Productions, Pictures in Paradise, Pacific Film and Television Commission, Film Consortium, National Lottery through UK Film Council
 Popularity : 1.138078
 Plot Keyword : australia, outlaw
 Homepage :
 Alternative Titles :
  • Az aj├ínlat
  • A Proposta
  • A Proposta
  • The Proposition


Image characters of Charlie Burns

Characters : Charlie Burns

Actor : Guy Pearce

Image characters of Captain Morris Stanley

Characters : Captain Morris Stanley

Actor : Ray Winstone

Image characters of Martha Stanley

Characters : Martha Stanley

Actor : Emily Watson

Image characters of Arthur Burns

Characters : Arthur Burns

Actor : Danny Huston

Image characters of Eden Fletcher

Characters : Eden Fletcher

Actor : David Wenham

Image characters of Jellon Lamb

Characters : Jellon Lamb

Actor : John Hurt

Image characters of Mike Burns

Characters : Mike Burns

Actor : Richard Wilson

Image characters of Brian O'Leary

Characters : Brian O'Leary

Actor : Noah Taylor

Image characters of Asian Prostitute

Characters : Asian Prostitute

Actor : Jeremy Madrona

Image characters of Asian Prostitute

Characters : Asian Prostitute

Actor : Jae Mamuyac

Image characters of Mad Jack Bradshaw

Characters : Mad Jack Bradshaw

Actor : Mick Roughan

Image characters of John Gordon

Characters : John Gordon

Actor : Shane Watt

Image characters of Sergeant Lawrence

Characters : Sergeant Lawrence

Actor : Robert Morgan

Image characters of Jacko

Characters : Jacko

Actor : David Gulpilil

Image characters of Officer Dunn

Characters : Officer Dunn

Actor : Bryan Probets

Image characters of Patrick Hopkins

Characters : Patrick Hopkins

Actor : Oliver Ackland

Image characters of Tom Cox

Characters : Tom Cox

Actor : David Vallon

Image characters of Henry Clark

Characters : Henry Clark

Actor : Daniel Parker



Well, no matter how I rate this movie a lot of people are going to say that my rating is wrong. That is something that you probably can say about any rating for any movie. I feel it is especially true as far as this movie goes though. As you can see from my rating I was not exactly thrilled by the movie. That does not mean that it is a bad movie. Again, this you can say about a lot of ratings, especially my ratings.

Okay, I guess I have confused everyone enough now so let me try to explain. As a piece of cinematic art this movie is excellent. The acting is quite good. I especially liked John Hurt as the literate bounty hunter but most of the main characters where performing admirably. The scenery is wonderful. The Australian outback makes for a excellent backdrop and it is indeed a nice change from the classical North American western sceneries.

As a movie it falls flat though. In my opinion a movie should at least try to tell a story. Even if it aspires to be a piece of art it should try and tell a story that the audience can, in one way or another, follow. This movie have a basic idea of a story but it does not really tell a story. We never get to know who the bad guys really are, what they really did, except for a bunch of hints about killing and rape, or why. Heck, we never actually get to know of the guy the flogged to death where really taking part in the deed or not.

Throughout the movie the bad guys are supposedly hiding in some place where it is impossible to get them so the main character tries to get the bad guys brother to kill him. Not very plausible at all. The governor, Eden Fletcher played by David Wenham, or whatever he as supposed to be was pretty much an asshole. Okay every movie has to have one but his role was never really developed. Once he managed to get the young kid, innocent or not, flogged we really do not see much of him for the rest of the movie.

The end of the movie is much the same as the rest of the movie. Cinematically excellent but not much of a story. There is no real conclusion. It just ends in a sequence of well done scenes but without any real story behind it.

Maybe I’m a too simple mind when it comes to these kind of movies but I, even though I appreciated the graphics that was shown on my TV-screen, I did not really enjoy it as a movie.

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